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Many licensing questions are answered here. However, if you need further clarification, please contact the friendly support department at Sonixcast, (support@sonixcast.com) and they will gladly help you.

Who or What is JukeBoxRadio and where are they based?

JukeBoxRadio is a Scottish owned Canadian based adult contemporary internet radio station

Wait ... Were you not based in the UK?

The station management are UK (Scotland) based, however the radio station is legally owned by Sonixcast who are based and have their servers in Canada, thus the station is legally Canadian.

How does that work then?

Since SoniXCast owns the radio station and it is located in Canada, it falls under the jurisdiction of the collection agency SOCAN which has affiliate agreements with collection agencies in every country. This essentially eliminates the quandary of radio pirating. There are no Canadian laws to restrict in which country our broadcast can be heard and we know of no country currently blocking our broadcasts, so your radio station can be heard around the world! SOCAN is pretty good with their record keeping and they put out regular annual reports.

JukeBoxRadio staff and/or management will not enter into any discussion in relation to licensing, all queries must be forwarded to support@sonixcast.com

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